Facebook changes 2018

The current Facebook group is closing on January 1st 2018 and 2 Facebook pages have been opened to replace the closing group.

Why has this happened?

Hike Essex was originally set up to be a walking group for under 40’s. As the group has got older over the last 5-10 years and new members have primarily been over 40 a new walking group has been set up for the under 40’s. Feedback from younger members and younger attendees who have decided not to join has been that the group is a bit old for them and they would prefer to walk with people of a similar age. Only about 10% of Hike Essex members are actually in the age range that the group was created for.

The new group will be called ‘Trek Essex’

The 2 new Facebook pages clearly define each walking groups age range. Trek Essex is for 20’s and 30’s and Hike Essex is now for ALL ages.

What are the benefits of the change?

The ‘old’ Facebook group was a closed group, meaning new members had to be added manually and approved by admins of the group. It is also harder to control what is posted in the group as every member has the ability to create events and post content which is not relevant. The new pages have better settings allowing the admins to control the content and keep it relevant.

After ‘liking’ one or both of the new pages you will be able to see all walks, events and socials for each group. You can also then ‘Follow’ the page allowing you to be notified as soon as new walks, socials or events are added. Currently admins have to invite members of the group to each event, this results in Facebook limiting how many members can be invited as they assume the members are being spammed.

Which pages / walking groups can I join?

You are free to like and follow both of the Facebook pages. As long as you are a paid up Ramblers member you are also free to walk with any Ramblers group. We do ask however, that members who are over 40 refrain from attending walks for the new 20’s / 30’s group Trek Essex where possible.